Anal Skin Tag Removal

Anal skin tags, a legacy of external haemorrhoids, can be embarrassing and annoying. With one in two Australians suffering from haemorroids, anal skin tags are a common problem.

Anal skin tags can be cosmetically improved by removing them with a radiofrequency diathermy machine. It is performed under a simple local anaesthetic and takes approximately half an hour. This procedure minimizes bleeding by cauterizing the blood vessels as the skin tag is removed. Please note this is not a treatment for haemorrhoids and if rectal bleeding has occurred, a clinical assessment by a General Practitioner is necessary to exclude a potentially more serious underlying condition. Please call Cosmetic Image Clinics on 3003 4000 to book an appointment.

Anal Skin Tag Case Study

I found cosmetic image clinic from a simple Google search. I was in desperate need to find a solution to my embarrassing and annoying anal skin tags which were a result of previous hemorrhoids. I was pleased to read that due to a breakthrough in technology moles and skin tags could now be shaved off delicately without the use of stitches. I then phoned and made an appointment to see Dr Ingrid Tall.
My appointed with Ingrid was very thorough and she took her time to explain the procedure in detail for me. All of my questions were answered and I left feeling relaxed and reassured.
My procedure followed a week after this visit and I found it to be surprisingly almost pain free. The procedure took no longer then 30minutes to remove both skin tags and the aftercare was quite simple. I had no side effects and I am incredibly happy with the results.
Most importantly the positive affect this procedure has given to me is priceless. I am happy and not embarrassed and most importantly do not suffer from the level of discomfort I suffered before.
Throughout My treatment and dealing with Dr Ingrid Tall I was always well informed and relaxed. I would not only highly recommend Dr Ingrid Tall I would also recommend this procedure to anyone who is suffering like I was.



  1. Increase fluid intake
  2. Increase fibre intake
  3. Metamucil if required
  4. Coloxyl stool softeners if required
  5. PanadolOsteo ( 2 x twice per day as required) for discomfort
  6. Salt baths twice daily
  7. Baby wipes / soft tissues instead of toilet paper
  8. Bepanthen nappy cream / zinc castor oil cream around the area
  9. Avoid straining with bowel motions
  10. Contact the clinic if you experience a sudden bright blood loss approximately two  weeks later, which can indicate an infection – however this is a rare occurrence and not expected

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